Why Does My Church Sound So Bad?

No matter what you do, it seems like you’ll never grasp the concepts and techniques necessary to provide the best sound for your church’s worship services or live streams.

Let’s look at some reasons  (beyond blaming the sound tech) why that may be and what are some common problems  and reasonable solutions to satisfy your hunger for better sound.

Is it really that important? Faith comes by Hearing!

Doug Gould

Doug Gould

Founder & CEO

    I am the CEO and Founder of Worship MD. I have been a veteran of the Pro Audio and Music Technology Industry for nearly 30 years, serving as U.S Market Development Manager for Shure (2002-2009) and sales management roles, Tascam and E-Mu Systems and has served as a worship leader, musician, and tech at various churches throughout his esteemed career. Over the last nineteen years I have presented a plethora of workshops at hundreds of worship conferences all over North America and beyond, sharing my experience in helping and teaching others who serve on their worship (music) and tech teams. I now serve Breedlove in a similar role along with Yamaha and Audix Microphones. I also am a content creator and provide written articles, video for various outlets. I am writing specifically for the church market for Pro Sound Web, Yamaha, Technologies for Worship and Sweetwater Sound.

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    Why Does My Church Sound So Bad?

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