July 26, 2023

Use this Checklist to Conduct Impactful and Creative Church Video Interviews

Many churches use video testimonies to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration. These personal stories work best when the interviewer and interviewee know each other well. Because a friend conducting the interview allows for greater vulnerability. But oftentimes a friend isn’t experienced in this craft. So below is a checklist to train and prepare unseasoned interviewers to create dynamic videos.
May 18, 2023

6 Steps to Creating Captivating Church Videos

Video communication has a way of drawing people in by capturing the essence of a story and conveying powerful moments of transformation in people's lives. If your church communication does not contain video, you should consider adding it to your communication strategy. Creating captivating church videos is a way to create powerful storytelling and connection. That said, video is more complex because it combines a script or interview with video footage including single or multiple subjects, editing, lighting, and more. Video can be very difficult to master.