August 30, 2023

7 Ways to Make Church Visitors Comfortable in Worship Services

Making church visitors feel comfortable about visiting and attending your church is a key ministry component to consider. While the pastor is responsible for delivering the sermon and possibly helping with the service order, the worship director handles the sound, music selections, and stage designs, the communication director handles the website and communication on stage--all these things work together to make church visitors comfortable in worship services.
March 23, 2023

The Light Source Finds ROI, Value, and Success at WAVE Conference

After attending WAVE Winter in Orlando, Stephen Ellison, technical sales for The Light Source, shared with us his experience. He was able to articulate how The Light Source experienced ROI, value, and success at the WAVE conference. Overall, he found WAVE to be valuable and helpful in achieving his educational and sales goals by both teaching a session and exhibiting to reach new church customers.
March 16, 2023

Budgeting for Your Church AVL Upgrades in 3 Simple Steps

As a church tech artist, one of the worst things I could do for my church and its executive leadership team is to make excessive demands for expensive church AVL upgrades. I’ve never been the business administrator or CFO of a church, but if I had been, I imagine one thing I’d dread the most would be someone showing up in my office one day to explain why they need a massive amount of money in a short amount of time, to solve a problem that had been previously known about.