April 13, 2023

How to Best Communicate to Your Online Church Audience [3 Keys]

After the service, the pastor walked over to me and said, “Talking to the online audience feels awkward.” I told him the sermon was great and really connected with me. I asked him if he had practiced it. He said every week he practices so he can see how each point is going to land. I then asked him if he practiced greeting the online church audience. He paused and said, “No, I don’t practice that part.”
March 29, 2023

Building an Effective Church Media Team [3 Components]

Building an effective church media team will take time and commitment but also needs a clear strategy. After years of both running a media team and coaching other churches as they grow their teams. I've found that every effective church media team should be based on these three main components: recruitment, training, and retention.