The Worship Audio Visual Experience was created in 2021 but born from more than 15 years of experience in house of worship production events and experience.  

In 2006, Ron Procopio was hired by the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX) to lead event operations, registration, production and exhibitor services.  During the four years at WFX, Ron was part of the building of that brand and event experience in cities all over the US; including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Long Beach and Charlotte.   As the son of a music minister and growing up in production, WFX was a natural fit.  The initial WFX team that grew the event were very passionate and hard working people that believed in the goals of helping and connecting people.  

In 2012, Ron joined the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) taking the skills and experience gained at WFX to the theatre industry.  During the 7 years as Expo Director USITT grew from 170 exhibitors to 370 and from 4,000 attendees to 6,000.  The success was built on passion for helping those who are looking to grow their production level.  

December of 2019, Ron rejoined EH Media (the original producers of WFX) to create the replacement event for WFX which had dissolved.  The Church Facilities Conference & Expo (CFX) was born from the initial ideas of WFX.  

December of 2019, Ron parted ways with CFX and branched out with the Worship Audio Visual Experience (WAVE).  Taking more than 15 years of experience producing conferences for church production and worship leaders with him.  The goal is to focus on the audio visual technologies as a tool for engagement within the ministries.  These more focused events are intended to create dialogue, education and connections with each other, with vendors and service providers and the experienced leaders in the church.