Introducing the WAVE Conference Virtual Platform

WAVE Virtual Conference Platform


Nothing will replace the full WAVE conference experience of being together in person to learn and connect, but making all the video content accessible allows for churches to share the knowledge with their church tech and AVL teams for a very low cost. That’s why we’ve launched the WAVE Conference Virtual Platform. This new add-on conference solution seeks to offer three main benefits: (1) access to WAVE video teaching content, (2) access to personal connections with other WAVE attendees and exhibitors, and (3) offer a forum for dialogue and conversation.

WAVE Virtual Platform for Content Access

The WAVE Virtual Platform is a self-contained website with all the benefits of a social media platform with added privacy just for WAVE members. Think of it as a Netflix-style menu to watch videos of sessions. Some of the presentations have accompanying collateral like slides and downloads. The community link on the top takes you to the Facebook-style feed to connect.  It’s very intuitive and just requires a password.  

Members will have access to the 50+ hours of education available immediately. Sessions covering audio, video, lighting, leadership, and worship are already available online to be shared with your volunteers and service teams. Over the long term, it will expand members’ connections and experience with other churches around the world.  

WAVE Virtual Platform for Personal Connections

The WAVE Virtual Conference Platform also allows for a personal connection between those in our community. Users will have the ability to complete a profile and connect with others at churches all over the country in private channels. These private channels can offer members a home to discuss opportunities, questions, challenges, and techniques specific to their craft in more detail.

WAVE Virtual Platform for Dialogue and Conversation

Lastly, the WAVE Virtual Platform is a forum for dialogue. It offers a community section where you can post and read what others are saying very similar to a Facebook feed. The difference is the focus is entirely on church worship and production needs. Members can ask about equipment recommendation assistance, job opportunities, suggestions on content for services, and much more. It’s a home for our community to use as a resource for information and connection.  

WAVE Virtual Platform to Offer Live Monthly Webinars

  • Wednesday, May 31 – 2 pm est – Graeme Spencer – How to Lead a Creative and Technical Team
  • Tuesday, June 27 – 2 pm est – Ben Stapley – Awesome Message Series Bumpers (this video is a preview of the talk)
  • July TBD – Brad Nelms from Gear Source

We will be adding sessions throughout the year in addition to the live event catalog that will be uploaded. Additional monthly webinars will begin being offered this spring which will be hosted on Zoom and uploaded to the WAVE Virtual Platform Immediately after the session concludes. WAVE is focused on bringing education and training to church technicians and worship leaders through multiple avenues to improve services and give glory to our God.  

Pricing for the WAVE Virtual Conference Platform

Some of the sessions are available with a free subscription. This includes product demonstrations and webinars.

The entire WAVE Virtual Conference Platform is available in three different very affordable payment options: Monthly for $4.99 per month, bi-annually for $24.99, and annually for $49.99.

The WAVE Virtual Conference Platform will allow access to the current 50+ sessions as well as all the additional sessions that will be added in 2023 (30+ more by year’s end). That comes out to just $1 per session. This is an easy way to keep your teams up to date on the latest technologies, skills, and experience.  

In addition, WAVE Virtual subscribers will have additional offerings throughout the year like exhibitor giveaways, discounts, early sign-up options for live events, and more.

Why Attend WAVE? (What makes us different)

The WAVE conference focuses on audiovisual and lighting first and is a traditional conference and expo with the best church AVL exhibitors and vendors in the industry. At WAVE, you and your tech team will have the time to talk with exhibitors because our expo floor is less crowded and better organized than other AVL conferences. WAVE offers the opportunity to see what others are doing and even boasts and church tour local to the conference. Experience roundtable discussions during meals and after sessions. Visit the biggest manufacturers in your area. Maximize your team’s time for education, training on equipment, and industry connection and collaboration. Lastly, WAVE offers incredible value for the education, exhibit access, networking, worship, and amenities for the price of the ticket. Lastly, we at WAVE want to see your church grow, help others find God, and feel personal satisfaction with their jobs by being educated and connecting within the AVL church tech industry. Register for WAVE today!