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Dante is the de facto standard solution for AVoIP (Audio-Video-over-IP networks) in the professional space. Instead of connecting multi-core cables of analog, AES3 links or even MADI, Dante uses the flexibility of an Ethernet network to digitally link devices. This allows you to route devices anywhere on the network with one click—no more moving cables and chasing links through patch bays.

This session offers a hands-on experience, with small groups of users sharing systems at tables. Attendees should bring their laptop, so they can control the system, and possibly feed music to it. For those who have never worked with AVoIP before, this “push-start” is just the ticket to gain a practical understanding of how the system works. That brings the skill and confidence to work on an existing Dante system or to create your own.

This class is also helpful for those who have not had personal experience with Dante but would like to continue on to the Dante certification program.