May 04 2022


  • Brad Nelms
    Brad Nelms
    Vice President of Global Business Development at GearSource

    Brad Nelms is the VP of Global Business Development for GearSource, an online marketplace for professional production equipment. Throughout his twenty year career he has spent time in various sales and management positions for some of the largest and most reputable companies in the industry including 4Wall, VER, PRG, ACT Entertainment and Solotech.

  • Scott "Scooter" Wasserberg
    Scott "Scooter" Wasserberg
    President at J-4 Design

    Scott has been working in the entertainment industry for the past two decades and, prior to 2019, held a variety of roles most recently as Director of Systems and Service for Amberient and prior to that Service Manager for 4Wall DC. In October 2019, Scott founded J-4 Design a company based on a core philosophy of “Give a Damn”. Their mission is based on the work experiences he has had since his first job in 1995, the understanding of the world around us, and a head strong desire to do what’s right.

    In 2021, Scott founded The Tron Shop (TTS) as the entertainment industry’s first third party extended warranty. TTS currently covers most lighting equipment sold.

    Scott’s favorite Muppet is Grover.


How do you think about your inventory?  Do you have a plan for how long you intend to keep it when you buy it, and how to do make that dream a reality?  We’ll discuss the different options available for purchasing equipment and how to manage your AV inventory to maximize your capabilities and budget throughout all stages of equipment life.

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