May 04 2022


  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams
    Consultant/Author/Integrator/Thought Leader

    Tim Adams has served on the front-lines of church technical ministry for over 25 years, working his way from audio recording and live sound to live video, lighting and projection. As an AV System Designer/Installer/Consultant/Author and Speaker, he regularly travels around the United States working with tech teams and pastors to help bring their vision to life through the use of audio/visual technology.

    Tim has worked with churches across the United States, and has consulted with churches in Australia, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. He brings an intense passion for technical excellence to Timato Systems and his clientele, pushing past mediocrity by casting God-size vision for ministry and applying task to purpose; connecting otherwise mundane tasks to real-world impact for those the ministry touches.

Dive into stage lighting and learn all about where to put your stage lights, but also learn about the different lighting fixtures on the market, what advantages each has, how proper lighting can directly impact your display system, the different purposes of lighting and how to use those to your advantage, why lighting for video is the better route and much more!
An information-packed session that promises engagement and useful information-come with your questions ready!
Key takeaways:
 – Learn types of lighting fixtures and the pros and cons of each
 – All LED lights are not the same
 – How to read a photometric report so you can better gauge the correct fixtures for your church
 – The advantages (and disadvantages) of color in your lighting
 – Why proper lighting is a better investment than video equipment

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