May 03 2022


  • Kevin Callahan AIA NCARB LEED-AP BD+C
    Kevin Callahan AIA NCARB LEED-AP BD+C
    Owner - Callahan Studios Soul Space

    Kevin Callahan AIA NCARB LEED-AP is a licensed architect and founded Callahan Studios Soul Space: Designing for the Art of Participation in 1988 with a specialty in acoustic architecture of all types and sizes of assembly spaces from 30 to 300,000 seats across the world and breadth of religious clients from Pentecostal to the Greek Orthodox Church and everything in between. Steeped in history of pre-electrical assembly spaces (archaeoacoustics) and natural room acoustics with a background in cultural anthropology also includes experience design in many secular arts spaces and venues. In addition to his 2008 book “Soul Space: Ancient Realities in Post-Modern Worship Spaces” his projects have been featured in, and he has also authored articles for – a variety of publications including Technologies for Worship, Worship Facilities, Church
    Executive, Church Solutions, Live Design, Church Seating, Church Production, Worship Space Acoustics. He has spoken at numerous events including NAB, WFX, IAVM, STADIA, AMiA, Form-Reform, Emergent, Saddleback Worship Conference, etc.


Are you wondering what to do now in your worship space in this uncertain reality as you transition to a return of in-person gatherings? What does your space look and feel like with respect to the art of participation? Is your experience more than just a collective gathering of each person around their own individual screen as they’ve been doing from home online? What’s the “body language” of your space and what is it saying about you before a word is even spoken? Is your space compelling enough in real life for people to even want to attend in person? What does art and technology have to do with participation and is it critical to meaningful engagement? Is your philosophy of technology both static and dynamic, and what does that even mean? Do these questions even matter?

While you’re definitely not alone in these uncertainties, don’t attend this session looking for answers! Instead we’ll focus on the more critical issue of how you can create a context for determining what the questions are for you – in your world – because no sooner than you have the answers the questions will likely shift again. So knowing how to find the context to create your own unique questions are crucial to help leverage your own collective unique responses for furthering your mission and vision in light of designing for the art of participation and engagement in a perpetually changing world.



1. Understanding the correlation of art and participation in the context of the body language of your space and the corresponding psychological realities of the basic types of worship assembly spaces regardless of faith identity.

2. Clarity in storytelling the various ways you can pursue adaptability (in lieu of mere flexibility) with respect to the art of participation in worship spaces of all sizes and types to enhance engagement.

3. How you can discover an efficient, adaptable “Philosophy of Technology” for your space to leverage the most from your present – and future – Audio, Video and Lighting Technical Systems.

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