The Church Sound Podcast

Prentiss L. Thompson hosts the Church Sound Podcast where he interviews pastors, musicians, engineers, manufacturers, and AV team members about using church tech in churches. Prentiss has partnered with WAVE and loves to explore the intersection of ministry and technology.

Brought to you by, listen in to experts in church tech, DJ Chuang, Kenny Jahng, Jennifer Miles, and Jason Morris as they talk through the current state of digital ministry. This show has many valuable podcast recordings to listen to and gain new ideas for the intersection of your online ministry through your live stream, digital website outreach, and more.

This podcast aims to educate, encourage, and equip worship and tech leaders. As you already know, worship leaders often wear an unfair number of hats requiring mad musician skills as well as church tech skills to run sound, lights, and even the live stream. Check out this WAVE sponsor’s great podcast to get a leg up on all you need to do.

Where we talk about tech, leadership and all things that concern church audio, video and lighting.

As the Creative Arts staff, we have been entrusted to enhance our church’s ministry and services. However, it’s easy to let control of our creativity get away from us. It is also our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen.

I say this because our control over creative arts could mean people get saved during a service, or they don’t. I know that is a lot of weight to carry on our shoulders, but we can keep that control if we just remember a few simple things. That’s what this channel is about.

Justin Edmonds

Church Solutions features Phil Thompson and Steve Lacy providing solutions to your church ministry and tech issues. Phil and Steve share their combined experience of over 50 years in ministry.