Ben Stapley

Conference Speaker • Church Consultant • Executive Pastor


For over 20 years Ben has created & captured moving and memorable moments for individuals, non-profits & corporations across the globe. He has served on the executive team of multiple megachurches over his twenty years in ministry including Christ Fellowship Miami and Liquid Church. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor at The Life Christian Church leading staff and volunteers to execute the vision and mission of the church. TLCC is located in West Orange, New Jersey and is known for its active hospitality, vibrant diversity and robust leadership culture. Ben also consults for churches and speaks at conferences about leadership, communication and creativity.

Why Does AVL Matter - Creating Engagement & Growing A Church

Technical advancements can be difficult for churches. Some hold back because they fear they won’t be able to keep up with the march of progress. Some are held back by lacking financial means. And some are set back from the curse of comparison by looking at what bigger churches are doing.

But God’s call upon your church to advance His kingdom should not be stymied by any of this. We will address what reasons might be holding your church back from making technical upgrades and how to overcome them.


  • Equipping Technical Directors with the ability to cast vision for AVL upgrades to their supervisors on staff.
  • Coaching Executive Pastors on potential budget cuts to make room for additional AVL upgrades.
  • Helping Lead Pastors cast vision to high end givers towards substantial technical upgrades that would grow the kingdom.
  • Scriptural support behind using modern communication tools to reach a modern audience.
  • Encouragement to continue pushing towards improving experiences for the sake of the gospel.
  • Identifying how to avoid the curse of comparison and pursue the blessing of your calling.