Matthew Raughton

Media Specialist

Fully Equipped Media

Live Streaming: How to Connect Through a Screen

How can we connect to the online congregation in a way that they feel as apart of the body as if they had been in service. Through technology, leadership, and a few simple outreach methods it can happen and create a seamless way for the entire congregation to feel connected.


  • Technology is not the limitation
  • Creating an online campus environment
  • Chat room pray and connection
  • Setting up visits after an online connection
  • Creating opportunities for interactivity
  • Giving funnel for online financial gifts


Matthew Raughton, father, entrepreneur, and minister is based out of Alabama. In 2011 Fully Equipped Media was birthed out of a desire to see the church not only excel in media but also the spiritual element that is so often overlooked. After many years of direct integration, touring, and several businesses later Matthew has began mentoring, teaching, and speaking to further the slogan, “Removing Stumbling Blocks Media can Cause”