Jim Thorne



Immersive Technologies and the Future of Church AVL

In this seminar, we will discuss the advent of immersive technologies and their potential impact to churches and their worship services. How will this burgeoning field of interactive media affect the worship experience for both church staff and the congregation?


  • The meaning of immersive technologies
  • Is Immersion going to work for your church?
  • How to Prepare for the installation of immersive technologies


Jim Thorne is the Chief Executive Officer of MessengerAVL. As a man who loves the chance to solve any technical problem, he has channeled that energy to make MessengerAVL a trusted name in church technology integration. He is heavily involved in both the technical aspects of churches countrywide and the welfare of his home community of Conyers, Georgia. He is the head pastor of Lifegate Church in Conyers and is a loving husband to an amazing woman and father to four swell kids.