Golden Preciado

House of Worship Specialist


How to Optimize Your Worship Service Mix for Broadcast and Live Streaming

Whether they were ready for it or not, many churches were treading on a new frontier when the pandemic hit and live streaming became the only means of sharing with their congregation. Live streaming is now an integral part of most churches. For some, making them sound good is still a mystery.

In this session you will learn best practices for capturing and mixing a captivating and engaging broadcast mix for your church’s live stream. We’ll look at various options for setting up your broadcast mix and then open it up for Q&A.


Golden has an extensive set of skills as an audio professional. Golden is the House of Worship Specialist for QSC. In addition, she enjoys her work as a Freelance FOH/ Broadcast/Recording Engineer with her own company, Golden Audio Mix, as well as her work with her local churches including, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (09-18), St Andrews Presbyterian and Grace Fellowship Church. Her foremost desire for use of her skills in the House of Worship world is as an educator. During the pandemic she started the Church Sound Training FaceBook group where she teaches and interacts with church engineers and volunteer sound people all over the world passing on her knowledge and experience.