Bryce McNabb


Bryce McNabb is a 3-time regional Emmy Award-winning brand storyteller, documentary filmmaker, story consultant, Storytelligent™ podcast host, and Director of McNabb Storytelling, an Emmy-nominated brand storytelling agency that helps organizations tell their story and connect with their audience. Over the past 10 years, he has produced short documentaries for brands like New Balance, NC State University, and UNC Chapel Hill. Bryce is on a mission to help church leaders and video creators see filmmaking as a spiritual calling, and harness its full power to advance God’s Kingdom.

Film, The Spiritual Weapon

The church has at their fingertips a powerful spiritual weapon, one that could help us win back the culture and reveal God’s glory to hungry souls, but sadly it’s  being overlooked. This isn’t done on purpose. It’s simply because the full power of storytelling and video is misunderstood. I was saved not by a church or local outreach, but through watching a video. This talk is about the transformative power of stories and the spiritual calling of the filmmaker/content creator as a gatekeeper.


  • Media theory, and how media creates culture
  • The transformative power of media and stories via “narrative transportation”
  • The spiritual nature of film and television
  • How a film is a window to a moment of encounter with Jesus
  • The spiritual calling of the filmmaker