Dara Samuels

Senior Production Manager

Christ Fellowship Church Palm Beach Gardens

Culture & Team Health

Building Cohesive teams and maintaining a strong culture across multiple locations.

More churches are moving towards a multi-site model than ever before. More and more churches have recently added another location or are looking to expand. One problem: the broader you expand, the more difficult it is to maintain team cohesion and production quality.

This causes many to give up on the idea of having a production team across many locations that executes with the same quality while preserving a healthy team dynamic.

What if I told you that building a cohesive team and maintaining strong culture with multiple locations is not only possible but you can begin to lead that way today?


Why are mission and vision important as you create a healthy culture for a multisite church?

Practical steps to keep your team in alignment with culture and strategy.

Culture check. How do you gauge if your team is in alignment with the church culture?


For the last 11 years, Dara Samuels has been involved with Production teams in Oklahoma, Texas, and now Florida. As a Senior Production Manager, she has had the opportunity for the last 3 years to serve in the Christ Fellowship team in South Florida. Her passion is to see production teams become culture carriers, encourage leaders to find the best ways to coach and train their teams and produce experiences that are inspiring.