Doug Gould


Worship MD

Church Audio Operators Seminar

January 24, 2023 

9:00am – 3:30pm

*Additional Registration Required

This full day workshop is an intensive look at audio for church operators.  Come away with real skills and plans to improve your services the very next weekend!

  • Ministry of Sound: Faith Comes by Hearing!
  • The Call and Heart of a Church Sound Operator
  • Relationships and Communication: The team with one mind!
  • 10000 Hours
  • Preparation and Organization
  • The Room : It affects everything!
  • The Source: Garbage in /Garbage out!
  • The Cables/DI Boxes (transformers), Adapters
  • Microphones: Types/Patterns/Rules/Applications
  • Analog vs. Digital: Network Audio
  • The Modern Mixer
  • The Bus
  • Equalization: Graphics, Shelf and Parametrics; Filters.
  • Dynamic Processors: Compressors, Limiters, Gates
  • Time –based Effects: Reverb/Delay
  • Mixing Monitors: Floor Monitoring (Wedges) vs. In-ear;
  • Pre-Requisite to a Great Mix: Arranging the Band
  • Line Checks, Sound Checks and Rehearsals
  • Mixing for the Congregation
  • Strike: The First Step of Set-Up


Worship MD is a market development enterprise that helps professional audio and music instrument, and technology manufacturers build relationships with the worship market.
I am the CEO and Founder of Worship MD.

I have been a veteran of the Pro Audio and Music Technology Industry for nearly 30 years, serving as U.S Market Development Manager for Shure (2002-2009) and sales management roles, Tascam and E-Mu Systems and has served as a worship leader, musician, and tech at various churches throughout his esteemed career.

Over the last nineteen years I have presented a plethora of workshops at hundreds of worship conferences all over North America and beyond, sharing my experience in helping and teaching others who serve on their worship (music) and tech teams.
For Martin Guitars I served as their independent Worship Artist rep and made the connections in this vertical for this guitar manufacturer that had no knowledge of this vast community and what it represents in the acoustic guitar market. I introduced them to Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong. One song of hers on YouTube has 426,000,000 views. She owns nothing but Martins. They never heard of her! After my introduction of her to Martin they decided to make a Brooke Ligertwood model which will be released very soon this year. I have introduced them to other artist with similar followings in the same category.
I now serve Breedlove in a similar role along with Yamaha and Audix Microphones.

I also am a content creator and provide written articles, video for various outlets.

I have done many videos for Presonus while serving them , one called Mixing the Church has about ½ million views.
I am writing specifically for the church market for Pro Sound Web, Yamaha, Technologies for Worship and Sweetwater Sound.
Worship MD has represented the following companies for various periods of time since 2009 when I founded Worship MD:
Audix ,Breedlove Guitars, Yamaha, Audio-Technica, D’Addario,Presonus, Waves, Martin Guitars, TASCAM, Earthworks, Korg, Vox, Blackstar, LD Systems, Mackie and many others.