Dante Introduction/Bootcamp – Get Savvy in Minutes!

Tuesday, January 24

10:00am – 12:00pm Dante Bootcamp 

1:30pm – 3:30 pm    Intro to Managed Switches

*Additional Registration Required*

Justin Alquist

Technical Training and Content Manager


Dante Bootcamp

Dante is the de facto standard solution for AVoIP (Audio-Video-over-IP networks) in the professional space. Instead of connecting multi-core cables of analog, AES3 links or even MADI, Dante uses the flexibility of an Ethernet network to digitally link devices. This allows you to  send audio and video anywhere on the network with one click—no more moving cables and chasing links through patch bays.

This session offers a hands-on experience, with small groups of users sharing systems at tables. Attendees should bring their laptop, so they can control the system, and possibly feed music to it. For those who have never worked with AVoIP before, this “push-start” is just the ticket to gain a practical understanding of how the system works. That brings the skill and confidence to work on an existing Dante system or to create your own.

This class is also helpful for those who have started the Dante Certification Program but have not had personal experience with a live Dante network.

Attendees should bring their laptop and have Dante Controller installed.


Justin graduated from Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, graduating Salutatorian for his class.  He furthered his craft in the Bay Area, working FoH and performing system maintenance across a variety of venues and music styles from rock, jazz, opera and musical theater.  After moving to Portland, he rebuilt his network in a new community, eventually landing at Carnival Cruise Lines running shows at sea and managing maintenance for all audio systems across the ship.  Today, Justin is involved in refreshing and extending Audinate’s existing training program.

Patrick Killianey

Senior Technical Training Manager


Intro to Managed Switches

Prerequisite: Dante Certification Level 2, 2nd Edition – Free at https://audinate.com/certify/

This class is for those who have never used a managed switch and would like a brief introduction. This is ideal for AV technicians who are taking on more responsibility with network management or whose Dante networks are growing to the point that it may be wise to engage some managed switch features.  The goal is to help students get over some of the initial stumbling blocks, and offer a resource on where to find more information.


This class is largely self-guided, allowing students to move at their own pace.  The student will move through a checklist and use Audinate’s Managed Switch Tutorial as a step-by-step guide on how to make the settings.  An instructor will be present to ensure students get started on the right path, to help when students get stuck, or to answer questions.  


If a student meets the prerequisites, chances are good the student will have enough time to set up administrative access and establish some traffic optimization like turning EEE off, QoS on, and engaging IGMP Snooping.  More adept users may also be able to complete exercises setting up VLANs and trunk lines.  The guides are yours to keep and will contain even more ideas for students to explore later, on their own systems.


Patrick’s career crosses live production, recording, broadcast, installed sound and automation, both as an implementor in the field and working directly for manufacturers like TASCAM, M-Audio and Yamaha. He has a particular passion for training, especially in gathering learned by innovators and helping the industry majority follow in their footsteps. 

Patrick has focused on AVoIP and Dante in particular since 2013.  Patrick joined Audinate in 2019 to head the training team globally.  In 2021, Patrick was deeply involved in a “Dante over Distance” project with Peltrix and the Blue Note Entertainment Group allowing musicians 750 miles apart to perform together.  In 2022, Patrick’s focus shifted to training on Dante cloud-based uses and external control APIs.