Zero-Level Heroes and Participatory Adaptable Assembly Spaces

Before Electricity (aka B.E.) the necessity of adaptability, participation and connectedness in assembly spaces were inherent in the reality of social gathering.  During Electricity (aka D.E.) all bets are off and – so the theory goes – as long as you can plug in, the day is won regardless of how performance based the space really is with everything coming “at you”.   Enter our “Zero-Level Heroes” and the potential for adaptability in assembly spaces and “with you” participation of all types and sizes !    A 200 image slide slam of history and recent/ current case studies in four such spaces (and counting) in the last 15 years will look forward to gaining clarity for increasing participation in a perpetually changing world and leveraging AVL for maximum benefit in the future.  Small space or large space, existing space or new, there’s something for you!

Kevin Callahan

Kevin Callahan


    Kevin Callahan AIA NCARB LEED-AP is a licensed architect and founded Callahan Studios Soul Space: Designing for the Art of Participation in 1988 with a specialty in acoustic architecture of all types and sizes of assembly spaces from 30 to 300,000 seats across the world and breadth of religious clients from Pentecostal to the Greek Orthodox Church and everything in between. Steeped in history of pre-electrical assembly spaces (archaeoacoustics) and natural room acoustics with a background in cultural anthropology also includes experience design in many secular arts spaces and venues. In addition to his 2008 book “Soul Space: Ancient Realities in Post-Modern Worship Spaces” his projects have been featured in, and he has also authored articles for – a variety of publications including Technologies for Worship, Worship Facilities, Church Executive, Church Solutions, Live Design, Church Seating, Church Production, Worship Space Acoustics. He has spoken at numerous events including NAB, WFX, IAVM, STADIA, AMiA, Form-Reform, Emergent, Saddleback Worship Conference, etc.

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