Why Churches Must Think Like TV Producers to Succeed in Digital Ministry

In this session, attendees will learn why many churches are missing the mark in their digital ministry efforts and how to shift their perspective to approach it like a TV producer would. We’ll look at how most churches are looking at digital ministry through the wrong lens and so are not capitalising on the opportunities they have. By shifting their approach and thinking like a TV producer, churches can develop a more sustainable and long-term strategy for their digital ministry. Also, we’ll discuss how in effect all churches have become “production hubs/companies” and why this means their approach needs to match this new reality.

Attendee Takeaways

  • Practical insights and strategies for how you can rethink your digital ministry approach to ensure you are effectively reaching and engaging with your congregation online.
  • Understand what it looks like to create something that is sustainable in the long term.
Graeme Spencer

Graeme Spencer

Television Producer/Director

    An accomplished television producer/director with a proven track record of producing and directing high-quality, innovative, and engaging content. Possessing extensive experience in both live and prerecorded production, both in studio and on location, worldwide. With an in-depth knowledge of the entire television production process across a wide range of programming. Adept at communication and strong leadership, with a wealth of experience in broadcast television production.

    Wednesday, September 13

    Thursday, September 14

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