Use Audio, Video & Lighting to Establish Your Church Brand

Yes, you can use AVL to establish your church brand! In fact, it’s required! Since church branding is about controlling what your church is known for, let AVL control the senses around that church brand.

AVL-control solidifies the church brand and allows it to “stick” longer in your audience’s memory.

A church can be known for many things! Make sure you’re known for the right things (a solution to needs or a path to goals). Discover your thread that unites your ministries and makes it easier to tie AVL-control to essential sensory elements! Let’s discuss this so you can do it, and encourage your Pastor to do it too.


  • Content control
  • Font Control
  • Color Control
  • Sound Control
Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald

Leading Church Branding Strategist • Church Comm Consultant • Bestselling Author • Keynote Speaker • Pastor of Communication

    For 30+ years Mark’s worked in Branding, Advertising, and Communication. Now focusing on helping churches communicate effectively as a brand strategist, bestselling author, engaging speaker, and a (heart of a teacher) consultant with his agency, Be Known for Something. He also serves as Executive Director of Center for Church Communication. He’s sought for his church branding, marketing communication, and business insights, on-the-spot website assessments, and practical storytelling.

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