Podcasting Beyond the Church

This training session is designed for churches that are interested in starting their own podcast outside

of the church service and message format. The session will cover the basics of podcasting, from

conceptualizing an idea to recording, editing, and publishing a podcast episode.


Attendee Takeaways

  • Understand the fundamentals of podcasting, including the equipment and software needed. Learn the
  • step-by-step process of creating a podcast, from planning to publishing. Gain practical knowledge of
  • recording and editing audio for a podcast. Understand best practices for distributing and promoting a
  • podcast and podcast formatting according to the show topics.
Prentiss Thompson

Prentiss Thompson


    Prentiss L. Thompson Entrepreneur I CEO Repurpose Podcast Network | Owner Metro Podcast Studio NYC | Host of The Church Sound Podcast that features discussions with Pastors, Musicians, Engineers, Manufacturers, and AV Team members about Technology in churches. He began his journey as a musician at a storefront and travel through the music industry as a producer, and touring DJ and brought all those skills to the church as a front-of-house engineer / Tech Director and trainer.

    Tuesday, September 12

    Podcasting Beyond the Church

    11:15 - 12:00
    Exhibit Hall

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