How to Optimize Your Worship Service Mix for Broadcast and Live Streaming

Whether they were ready for it or not, many churches were treading on a new frontier when the pandemic hit and live streaming became the only means of sharing with their congregation. Live streaming is now an integral part of most churches. For some, making them sound good is still a mystery.

In this session you will learn best practices for capturing and mixing a captivating and engaging broadcast mix for your church’s live stream. We’ll look at various options for setting up your broadcast mix and then open it up for Q&A.

Samantha Potter

Samantha Potter

Empress of Integration * Allen & Heath

    Samantha Potter is an audio and mix engineer with a deep background in house of worship production alongside integration, system design, and education development. She serves as the manager of commercial and install audio at Allen & Heath, and is an author and editor at ProSoundWeb, helping to publish Church Sound Magazine. Her show, Church Sound Podcast, is all about educating the techs and staff in houses of worship, raising the tide so that all boats may rise. It can be found on all major podcasting platforms with topics spanning deeply technical subjects to the cultural and spiritual conversations that are special to working inside houses of worship.

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