Deploying Your Multichannel Lectrosonics Wireless System With Ease

Proper frequency coordination of multichannel wireless systems is critical for optimal performance, and is made more challenging these days by limited available spectrum. Further more, deploying these coordinated frequencies, along with other custom settings to your wireless hardware can be arduous, especially with high channel count systems. Lectrosonics Digital Wireless and Wireless Designer software make both of these processes quick and easy. In this demonstration we will demonstrate how to scan, coordinate, deploy and monitor a high channel count Lectrosonics wireless microphone and IEM system.

* Lectrosonics Digital Wireless Frequency Flexibility and Optimal Tuning
* Lectrosonics Wireless Designer Fundamentals
* Frequency Coordination For High Channel Counts
* Deploying a Complex Coordination
* Monitoring the System
Nick Mariano

Nick Mariano

Regional Technical Manager • Lectrosonics

    Six years with Lectrosonics. Bachelors of Music in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. 10+ years live and studio engineering in Los Angeles and the Greater Boston Area.

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