Cultivating a Christ-Honoring Team Culture

Every team and group has a culture that informs the way people communicate, relate to one another, and think about each other. Too often, that culture is ignored rather than nurtured, accidental rather than intentional, preferential rather than Scriptural. In this session, you’ll learn five categories you can cultivate that will not only enable you to function better as a team, but will reflect the grace we’ve received in the gospel.
Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin

Director of Music • Sovereign Grace Church

    Bob Kauflin is a pastor, composer, speaker, writer, and the Director of Sovereign Grace Music, a ministry of Sovereign Grace Churches. He serves as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville and has written two books: Worship Matters:Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God, and True Worshipers:Seeking What Matters to God. He is co-host of the Sound + Doctrine podcast and occasionally blogs at He is passionately in love with Julie, his wife of 47 years, father of six married children, and Pop-pop to soon to be 23 grandchildren.

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    Tuesday, September 12

    Cultivating a Christ-Honoring Team Culture

    10:15 - 11:15
    Coronet Ballroom

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