BOTH/AND Maximizing Hybrid Worship

While there were plenty of early adopters of hybrid ministry before the pandemic, the vast majority of churches went online when the COVID arrived. Moving into our third year of this new hybrid reality, it is imperative that we create engagement with our online worship experience. It is entirely possible and completely necessary to move those not gathered physically from being spectators to participants.

In this session, author/hybrid ministry specialist Jason Moore cover seven ways to increase engagement for online participants, moving them from watchers to worshipers.

Based on his Amazon bestselling book, BOTH/AND Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement, this workshop is filled with practical learnings for how to take hybrid ministry to the next level.

It will explore how to be both high tech and high touch.

• Re-imagining worship for both/and
• How to create interactive both/and experiences
• Bringing at home and in-person audiences together in real time
• Alternative opportunities for online audiences watching in-person livestreams
• Repurposing in-person worship for online audiences
• Strategies for adapting practices for both/and
• Avoiding letting your groove becoming a rut
• And more

Jason Moore

Jason Moore

Author Speaker Coach

    Creativity, storytelling and visual communication are evidenced passions of Jason Moore throughout his more than two decades of designing dynamic resources, training, coaching, and consulting for churches of all sizes, styles, and means. A childhood dream of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker shifted as Jason experienced a call to bring his gifted artistry to the church, joining the Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church staff in the 1990s. In 2020, as the global pandemic took root, Jason instinctively shifted his work, crafting a series of groundbreaking webinars on hybrid worship design. These trainings, which combine his specialties of church communications, guest readiness and creative worship, provide practical, results-oriented application, and are being utilized across the country in The United Methodist Church, seminaries, and ecumenical groups. In the secular world, Jason has collaborated with several Hollywood producers in film and television, and has produced numerous book trailers for New York Times best selling authors such as Ariana Huffington, Seth Godin, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday and Mark Ecko. Jason, a graduate of The Modern College of Design, is author of 12 books, a frequent keynote speaker, and a sought-after trainer. His latest book BOTH/AND: Maximizing Hybrid Worship Experiences for In-Person and Online Engagement, a book on how to craft truly hybrid worship experience is an Amazon Best Seller.

    Thursday, September 14

    BOTH/AND Maximizing Hybrid Worship.

    3:15 - 4:15
    Coronet Ballroom

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