Learn to Utilize Audio Video and Lighting Effectively

Technology offers us ways to connect to our audience through aural, visual and even emotional methods.  From the parking lot, through our facilities and into the main sanctuaries, learn how to best utilize those technologies and gain skills to create immersive experiences which help you communicate, engage and grow your church.


From loudspeakers to mixers to microphones; each piece has a role to play in communication.  Learn techniques and tips to improve your church’s audio system.  


You set the mood and bring your congregation into the moment.  Find out what new technologies are available and learn how to improve the experience all around your church. 


Churches are utilizing video more each day as our congregation and audience spend more time on their own personal technologies.  Whether it’s for in the moment or capturing or streaming, learn how to improve your video presentations.  


Creating the worship experience requires hours of planning, great communication and teamwork.  With the help of Ascension Worship, learn leadership skills, systems to put in place and best practices to take your worship to the next level.