Church Creatives Network to Equip Church Techs and Worship Leaders Globally

Church Creatives Network to Equip Church Techs and Worship Leaders Globally


AV Coalition and Church Production Magazine are working in collaboration to provide a new and exciting resource for the Church. The Church Creatives Network (CCN) is a new platform designed to equip church creatives in the House of Worship Market.

“We’re forming a global network of Church Creatives that share a passion to equip and empower the Church through their skills and experience in areas like AVL, Worship, Communications, IT, Leadership, and more,” says Church Creatives Network Strategist, Thom McGuire. “With a collective heart for sowing into others and serving present needs, we both glean and give back from extensive years of experience serving the Church.”

Thom McGuire
Church Creatives Network

Equipping Church Techs and Worship Leaders

Patrick Elkins is one of the lead founders of the Church Creatives Network and when he and McGuire met, they realized they share the same vision to resource people in the house of worship technical and worship arts fields.

“We desire to drive the culture to lead people to think on a bigger scale beyond our own churches,” remarks Elkins. “One goal for us is to interface with churches around the world and become The Church. We want to be tapped into what God is doing by connecting the global church.”

Patrick Elkins

McGuire has been in the AVL church tech space for his entire career and together with the other co-founders, has created this initiative to empower, equip, and enhance the resources available to audiovisual directors, church techs, worship leaders, musicians, as well as video and lighting directors.

“It’s no easy road,” McGuire frequently says when brought in to train church tech teams. Right out of the gate, he coaches people in this field, “If you’re not called, quit now.”

Thom McGuire

With an understanding of the difficulties, unpredictable schedules, long hours, and fluctuating pay from church to church, it can feel daunting to be called to worship and technical arts ministry. The Church Creatives Network was created to be a resource for connecting, training, empowering, and equipping, plus prayer and connection for those who are performing the same roles in different churches around the world.

Church Creatives Network

Church Creatives Network Membership Benefits

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member:

  • Connect with Church Creatives worldwide, fostering relationships and expanding your network with like-minded individuals passionate about AVL, Worship, Communications, IT, Leadership, etc.
  • Receive and provide support within the community, accessing resources and guidance from experienced members while also sharing your own skills and knowledge to empower others in their ministries.
  • Continuously develop your own expertise in your chosen area through learning opportunities, workshops, and discussions led by seasoned professionals.

Church Creatives Network Community App

The CCN app is a powerful tool that enables small groups, communities, videos, real-time sharing, discussion groups, and much more. In the future, CCN aims to offer livestreamed teachings, courses, and more as the network grows.

Ways to Connect with the Church Creatives Network Online

Church Creatives Network Helps AVL, Tech, and Worship Directors Avoid Silos

One issue that faces most churches is that the folks serving in the technical arts fields are siloed in their disciplines. This means the lighting people stay with their own, the worship team stays interconnected, and the sound engineers who are rarely musicians, stick together. One goal of the Church Creatives Network is to reconnect people across AVL and worship disciplines so that they can benefit from learning from one another and mesh as teams.

“At my current church, I’m cross-training everyone on everything. I have people who know ProPresenter who are learning lighting, then sound,” says McGuire.

Thom McGuire

It’s in this vein that the network aims to incorporate multi-disciplined approaches to groups, teaching, community, and fellowship. CCN is looking for organizations, influencers, and content creators who want to expand their audience, reach, and impact, and who have a passion for providing value to others, as well as equipping the church. CCN would love to provide you with a personalized “space” within our network to promote your resources. 

Thom McGuire will be speaking at WAVE in Louisville this fall on the creative team and your ability to communicate with your lead pastor.

Why Attend WAVE? (What makes us different)

The WAVE conference focuses on audiovisual and lighting first and is a traditional conference and expo with the best church AVL exhibitors and vendors in the industry. At WAVE, you and your tech team will have the time to talk with exhibitors because our expo floor is less crowded and better organized than other AVL conferences. WAVE offers the opportunity to see what others are doing and even boasts and church tour local to the conference. Experience roundtable discussions during meals and after sessions. Visit the biggest manufacturers in your area. Maximize your team’s time for education, training on equipment, and industry connection and collaboration. Lastly, WAVE offers incredible value for the education, exhibit access, networking, worship, and amenities for the price of the ticket. Lastly, we at WAVE want to see your church grow, help others find God, and feel personal satisfaction with their jobs by being educated and connecting within the AVL church tech industry. Register for WAVE today!

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