May 18, 2023

6 Steps to Creating Captivating Church Videos

Video communication has a way of drawing people in by capturing the essence of a story and conveying powerful moments of transformation in people's lives. If your church communication does not contain video, you should consider adding it to your communication strategy. Creating captivating church videos is a way to create powerful storytelling and connection. That said, video is more complex because it combines a script or interview with video footage including single or multiple subjects, editing, lighting, and more. Video can be very difficult to master.
May 12, 2023

5 Helpful ProPresenter Hacks for Church Live Streaming

Beginning with ProPresenter 6 for Mac, and now with ProPresenter 7 (for both platforms), Renewed Vision has made live streaming a focus of their efforts. In the past, there were hacks you needed to do to get video out of Pro6 and into an encoder if you wanted an alternate format that was better for your online congregation. Thankfully, today, that's not necessary. ProPresenter 7 can capture live video from multiple sources, overlay an alternate layout of lyrics (or sermon notes, etc.), and even encode it for live streaming.
April 13, 2023

How to Best Communicate to Your Online Church Audience [3 Keys]

After the service, the pastor walked over to me and said, “Talking to the online audience feels awkward.” I told him the sermon was great and really connected with me. I asked him if he had practiced it. He said every week he practices so he can see how each point is going to land. I then asked him if he practiced greeting the online church audience. He paused and said, “No, I don’t practice that part.”
March 29, 2023

Building an Effective Church Media Team [3 Components]

Building an effective church media team will take time and commitment but also needs a clear strategy. After years of both running a media team and coaching other churches as they grow their teams. I've found that every effective church media team should be based on these three main components: recruitment, training, and retention.