May 18, 2023

6 Steps to Creating Captivating Church Videos

Video communication has a way of drawing people in by capturing the essence of a story and conveying powerful moments of transformation in people's lives. If your church communication does not contain video, you should consider adding it to your communication strategy. Creating captivating church videos is a way to create powerful storytelling and connection. That said, video is more complex because it combines a script or interview with video footage including single or multiple subjects, editing, lighting, and more. Video can be very difficult to master.
April 25, 2023

3 Essential Small Church Communication Tactics

If you’ve been called to communicate in a small church, that doesn’t mean you’ve been given a small task. God works through you and your church to make a difference in the world. But often, the role of informing the congregation is all-consuming since “regular attendance” has dropped to less than “regular.” How do you let people know about everything going on in ministry when they’re only attending once or twice a month? It’s difficult. Small church communication can be challenging for sure.