7 Church Tech Podcasts to Boost Your Church Production


Podcasts today are like the newspapers and magazines of the mostly forgotten past. When you want to learn new skills, keep up with industry trends, and follow leaders in an area such as ministry, church tech podcasts can be a great way to keep abreast of live streaming trends and best practices, lighting technology, and general audiovisual news. Churches today must lean heavily on church tech – production, sound engineering, lighting technology, staging, and other important production elements – to create a modern and inviting church environment. Read on to discover some of the best sources for cutting-edge AVL and church tech podcasts today:

Church Tech Podcast #1 – The Church Sound Podcast

Prentiss L. Thompson hosts the Church Sound Podcast where he interviews pastors, musicians, engineers, manufacturers, and AV team members about using church tech in churches. Prentiss has partnered with WAVE and loves to explore the intersection of ministry and technology

Church Tech Podcast #2 – Church Tech & Leadership

Chris Eslinger hosts the Church Tech & Leadership Podcast and while it seems production on this show stopped in September 2022, there are many past episodes to listen to in order to “geek out” as Chris says in many of his show descriptions. While Chris deals with issues that plague us all such as live streams and working with older gear, he also explores questions such as leading when you’re not a decision-maker.

Church Tech Podcast #3 – Worship Leader Probs Podcast

This podcast aims to educate, encourage, and equip worship and tech leaders. As you already know, worship leaders often wear an unfair number of hats requiring mad musician skills as well as church tech skills to run sound, lights, and even the live stream. Check out this WAVE sponsor’s great podcast to get a leg up on all you need to do.

Church Tech Podcast #4 – Church Online Podcast

Brought to you by ChurchTechToday.com, listen in to experts in church tech, DJ Chuang, Kenny Jahng, Jennifer Miles, and Jason Morris as they talk through the current state of digital ministry. This show has many valuable podcast recordings to listen to and gain new ideas for the intersection of your online ministry through your live stream, digital website outreach, and more.

Church Tech Podcast #5 – Worship & Tech Podcast (Now Worship Leader Podcast)

The Worship Leader Podcast helps bridge the gap between music and the tech needed to produce live church services. With episodes on live streaming, leadership lessons, building a leadership team, church planting tech, and more. this is a powerful show with lots of helpful interviews and advice.

Church Tech Podcast #6 – Church Sound Podcast

The Church Sound Podcast focuses on the church sound community and includes valuable insights for church sound production engineers, mixers, sound board operators, and the church tech volunteers that make church production possible. This podcast is hosted by Samantha Potter and James Attaway.

Church Tech Podcast #7 – Church Production Stories

The Church Production Stories podcast focuses on people, production, and their stories around producing high-quality worship services and events for churches. Recent interviews include Rolling Hills Church in Nashville and Coastal Community Church,

Growing as a Church Tech

One of the hardest things to do is to take time out of your busy service production schedule to gain more training, ask for help from other worship leaders and technical directors, and find time for refreshment and renewal. God has called you to church tech ministry, but it doesn’t mean that you are a machine. You create beautiful services each week which allow for the musicians and pastors to effectively deliver their messages to the congregation. You need rest, growth, and time to source new products, tips, and skills to enhance your ministry efforts. The WAVE conference is a new church tech and AVL production conference aimed at resourcing church production staff and leaders with new skills and training and new equipment while rejuvenating your heart for ministry. Come check out WAVE’s upcoming virtual conferences and in-person conferences this year.

Your Church Could Start a Podcast

Another idea to extend and grow your ministry is to start your own church podcast. Here’s a great video on how to do this:

Why Attend WAVE? (What makes us different)

The WAVE conference focuses on audiovisual and lighting first and is a traditional conference and expo with the best church AVL exhibitors and vendors in the industry. At WAVE, you and your tech team will have the time to talk with exhibitors because our expo floor is less crowded and better organized than other AVL conferences. WAVE offers the opportunity to see what others are doing and even boasts and church tour local to the conference. Experience roundtable discussions during meals and after sessions. Visit the biggest manufacturers in your area. Maximize your team’s time for education, training on equipment, and industry connection and collaboration. Lastly, WAVE offers incredible value for the education, exhibit access, networking, worship, and amenities for the price of the ticket. Lastly, we at WAVE want to see your church grow, help others find God, and feel personal satisfaction with their jobs by being educated and connecting within the AVL church tech industry. Register for WAVE today!

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