4 Benefits to Attending WAVE Virtual Church Tech Conference


The WAVE Winter in-person church tech conference in Orlando was a great success with many attendees and exhibitors finding it a valuable and meaningful experience. Next up, WAVE has planned a virtual church tech conference that will be both live on February 7, 2023, and on-demand via the Hublio app. Many of the sessions for WAVE Winter were recorded and will be available for downloading and watching through WAVE’s Hublio conference app.

The WAVE Virtual Conference will offer four great benefits:

WAVE Virtual Benefit #1 – Virtual Bonus Sessions

Justin Firesheets, project manager for Church of the Highlands, will be speaking live on February 7 for our virtual LIVE bonus session. Justin’s topic is: Next Level Streaming: Cost-Effective Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Online Presence:

If churches weren’t already involved in live streaming before Covid, the pandemic season almost certainly pushed them in that direction. But now that things have stabilized, are church online strategies still as effective as they were three years ago? Are attendees still responding the same way and looking for the same things from an online experience? Technology is only a piece of the puzzle; clarifying vision and strategy is an essential first stage. In this presentation, we’ll cover critical steps churches must take as they look to take their online streaming experience to the next level.

The WAVE Virtual live bonus sessions are free to attend on February 7 and $25 to access the live sessions plus the on-demand sessions from WAVE Winter in the app through July 30, 2023.

WAVE Virtual Benefit #2 – Virtual Exhibits

Visit the 30+ virtual exhibits to see their offerings, connect with their staff via text or video chat, and ask your questions face to face. Make sure to search through the attendees as well to find peers who you can connect with and build long-term professional relationships.

virtual church tech conference

WAVE Virtual Benefit #3 – Panel Discussion Hosted by Ascension Worship

Team Dynamics From A to Z panel discussion with the Ascension Worship Team will cover planning, communication, proper rehearsal and soundcheck procedures, and service execution.

The WAVE Virtual live bonus sessions are free to attend on February 7 and $25 to access the live sessions plus the on-demand sessions from WAVE Winter in the app through July 30, 2023.

WAVE Virtual Benefit #4 – On-Demand Sessions

WAVE Winter was a wonderful success with over 30 experts in church audio, video, and lighting. Most of these sessions were recorded and are available to purchase for $25. These sessions will not expire.

Church Audio Operators SeminarWorship Team Training WorkshopUse Audio, Video & Lighting to Establish Your Church Brand
Next Level AVEnhancing Your Online & Social Media PresenceWhy Does AVL Matter – Creating Engagement & Growing A Church
LED Walls – Positives, Negatives, Fixes and Best Use CasesHow to Optimize Your Worship Service Mix for Broadcast and Live StreamingTech Upgrades and Leadership: Bridging the Gap
Wireless Microphone Systems: What You Need to KnowLive Streaming: How to Connect Through a ScreenTeam Dynamics from
How To Pick The Right Gear For Your SpaceBuild What MattersThe Ultimate Live Worship Broadcast Panel
Key Elements to Create a Great Audio ExperienceImmersive Technologies and the Future of Church AVLLegacy, The Echoes of Leadership
Film, The Spiritual WeaponBreaking Bad Vocal Habits (because singing shouldn’t hurt)Tips On Creating A Better Sound for Techs & Worship Teams
Immersive Projection for Stage DesignCulture & Team HealthLighting for Livestream
Don’t Do Everything You See On YouTube: Controversial Techniques For This New Era Of MixingUnderstanding the Avantis EcosystemAsk the Experts Panel:
Zero-Level Heroes and Participatory Adaptable Assembly SpacesWhat is the most important Tech Position?Lighting Techniques for Worship
Cinema Integration for Streaming and IMAGBuild What Matters

The WAVE virtual church tech conference will host three one-hour sessions and some break times for attendees to visit the virtual exhibits as well as connect with other attendees. The WAVE Bonus Conference will be on February 7, 2023.  On-Demand sessions will be available through July 30, 2023.

Why Attend WAVE? (What makes us different)

The WAVE conference focuses on audiovisual and lighting first and is a traditional conference and expo with the best church AVL exhibitors and vendors in the industry. At WAVE, you and your tech team will have the time to talk with exhibitors because our expo floor is less crowded and better organized than other AVL conferences. WAVE offers the opportunity to see what others are doing and even boasts and church tour local to the conference. Experience roundtable discussions during meals and after sessions. Visit the biggest manufacturers in your area. Maximize your team’s time for education, training on equipment, and industry connection and collaboration. Lastly, WAVE offers incredible value for the education, exhibit access, networking, worship, and amenities for the price of the ticket. Lastly, we at WAVE want to see your church grow, help others find God, and feel personal satisfaction with their jobs by being educated and connecting within the AVL church tech industry. Register for WAVE today!

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