Mark MacDonald

Mark MacDonald

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HELOTES, TX- MEGA-LITE adds the new DECO Parled Q10 to the DECO series. The color changing IP64 DECO Parled Q10 offers a bold and elegant approach to interior and exterior applications. Designed with 7 Red, Green, Blue and Warm White LEDs, this unit provides bright radiant colors for ambient and directional lighting. With a 3267K warm white color temp, this compact unit can be used to highlight specific items or areas with rich, saturated colors or soft warm whites.


The use of the Voltage over Ethernet method enables this fixture to be easily installed without the need for conduit. As part of the DECO Series, the Parled Q10 was designed to provide versatility with simplicity by being able to connect to a number of different DECO Drivers for power and control connection. Simplify your next install with the DECO Parled Q10! 

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